Type: Free Open Source
openForm is a DNN module to create end users forms like contact, register, etc. The definition of the form is based on Alpaca json format. Require OpenContent
DNN Versions: 7.2|7.3
Structured Content Editing module for DNN (Dotnetnuke)
DNN Versions: 7.2|7.3
Open Language SkinObject
Don't direct users to pages with no rights to view it (to avoid a page with a login prompt). Only generate urls that correspond to a real url to avoid errors and duplicate content on search engines.
DNN Versions: 6.0|6.1|6.2|7.0|7.1|7.2|7.3
Content Localization Tools
Dotnetnuke Content Localization Tools makes it easier for site administrators to update there muli-language website. It give you the possibility to edit page name, title, description and module title for all languages side by side.
DNN Versions: 6.0|6.1|6.2|7.0|7.1|7.2|7.3
Open Url Rewriter
Open Url Rewriter for DNN (DotNetNuke) is extension that improve SEO and overall Site quality.
DNN Versions: 6.1|6.2|7.0|7.1|7.2|7.3
Open Blocks
OpenBlocks for DNN (Dotnetnukie) is a framework for making reusable blocks based on extensible Token, Template & DataSource engines.
DNN Versions: 7.0|7.1|7.2|7.3